Saturday Mix – Double Take, 17 March 2018

Our homophone sets this week are:

auricle – external part of the ear
oracle – seer


hoard – a great stash
horde – a great many people
whored – prostituted


My Aunty Oracle could look into the future and foretell the weirdest of things. She was a seer with an uncanny ability, like she said when she met my Cousin Harriett that she would be the one to whore her way through life in a very whored way.

Harriet had an issue with her auricle and so didn’t hear Aunt Oracle clearly and associated the whored bit with her cluttered house, as she was a well-known hoarder with a hoard any hoarder would be proud of.

But of course, both women could be found each Sunday amidst the horde of people at the Sunday Hoarders Hoard held just off Whored Street in the city.



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3 Responses to Saturday Mix – Double Take, 17 March 2018

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  2. calmkate says:

    lol that’s really mixing it up 🙂

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