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Rama hated reward day. For her good behaviour, she was ‘rewarded’ with a burger, fries and sauce.

She knew she didn’t belong in the mental health facility; it had been an unfortunate incident at the grocers that had led to this.

But reward day sucked.

The burger was more cholesterol than nutritious, the fries soggy beyond recognition and she was sympathetic to the sauce as she was sure that at some stage in the manufacturing process it had seen a tomato even if it was doubtful one actually made it into it.

Nurse Leo delivered the meal and as always was over-enthusiastic as he presented it to her and as always laid out tastefully on a wooden serving tray. Rama preferred the stew of a Tuesday night; at least it contained a modicum of nutrition.

Tonight the meal was its usual insipid self, inedible, tasteless and the effect on her stomach was not something she looked forward to.

But she knew it was best to grin and bear it, eat something as it kept them off her back as she was learning to play the game.


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  1. Mara Eastern says:

    I imagine you haven’t been to a mental institution, but you captured the idea quite nicely, as far as I can judge! The food is the worst. Seriously.

    • Michael says:

      Lol….I was trying to work in the word ‘staycation’ but I couldn’t get it to fit. You are the source of inspiration for this one. I’m sure you feel honoured?

      • Mara Eastern says:

        Staycation? Ha! That would be the perfect euphemism… Seriously though? I somehow managed to inspire you? Whew! That’s something! Something big for me.

      • Michael says:

        Bear in mind that when we write we draw for the most part on experiences we have had either through living, reading or seeing. So when I read blogs I know I often store things away that i find interesting or that have the potential to be useful in the future. The whole notion of using the word ‘staycation’ in terms of being in a mental health facility does intrigue me. So if you feel flattered then good.

      • Mara Eastern says:

        Ah, that makes sense. Still, I am flattered to have contributed to your writing influences.

  2. rogershipp says:

    ” it had been an unfortunate incident at the grocers” …. That line cracked me up!!!!!
    Thanks for participating in this weeks challenge. I hope to see you next week!

  3. calmkate says:

    ingenious writing, you repeated words here that I’ve had patients tell me all too often in psych units, I visit as a chaplain … but never anything as fancy as burgers and chips!

  4. Tom Gould says:

    That was pretty cool. It’s always good when you get a picture of something that you’d really like to eat on a plate.

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