Twittering Tale #71 – 13 February 2018 – Only in Ireland


The tourist asked the way to Cregan’s Castle.
I said go to the end of the street and turn right.
At the post office turn right.
Then at Shannon’s Hotel turn right.
The tourist said if I do all that I’ll end up here.
That’s right I said, the Castle is just across the way. (Characters 268)

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11 Responses to Twittering Tale #71 – 13 February 2018 – Only in Ireland

  1. I once actually gave someone directions along these lines for a road that was directly behind us!

  2. Kat Myrman says:

    Love it Michael! You really captured the irony of a jumble of signs! Well done! 😀

  3. MNL says:

    laughing, at least he noticed he’d walk in a circle before he set out

  4. Haha ..tht’s funny.. great way to tell nearby address 😉👍

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