Thursday photo prompt – Sanctuary #writephoto – Percy Jones


When Percy Jones woke up he was surprised to find himself dressed in his best suit. Looking around and past the array of flowers that seemed to be piled on top of him this wasn’t the sanctuary he was thinking he was going to.

The walls were stark and there were no choirs of angels. There might have been he thought and maybe they’d gone for a smoko so he gave them the benefit of the doubt.

He distinctly remembered being at the fishmongers yesterday buying a delicious haddock in anticipation of supper that night with his great love Edna Crapstop and tonight was going to be a special evening for Percy.

Outside, a man handed him a pamphlet announcing sanctuary for all if they prayed that night. He was reading it when the lights went out and here he was.

Percy Jones only wore his best suit for births, weddings and funerals. Even though it was a tad tight around the waist he knew in his present condition that he’d soon grow out of it.


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17 Responses to Thursday photo prompt – Sanctuary #writephoto – Percy Jones

  1. Iain Kelly says:

    Poor Percy, I wonder what fate befell him, and what awaits him in the next life.

  2. James says:

    Edna Crapstop? Oy.

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  4. It was the haddock, officer 🙂

  5. kirizar says:

    I’m not sure whether I should feel sorry for Miss Crabstop or relieved. A man waxing poetic about a haddock at the same time he is contemplating a lover’s tryst I suspect might be lacking in savoir faire.

    (If I’ve bungled that spelling just accept that it’s as close as I could get. Perhaps I should have stuck with ‘dashing attractivess’ or ‘charm’ but there it is. Author’s conceit!)

  6. Hmmmm! This really interested me, Michael. So many possibilities.

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