Photo Challenge #200 – The world in His Hands


Image: Justin Peters

He had the world in his hands,

Every and anything he wished for could be his

But like so many in his circle he blew the lot.

Career as promising so much

Married his high school girl

The two kids they had the apple of his eye

And he looked up to as the super dad he was.

But he wasn’t content,

The life he had was humdrum,

He looked other places for love,

He stayed away, his job showing him the new and exotic

He’d return home to whinging wife,

Demanding kids, it got too much

They were stuck in the mediocrity of suburban life

He wanted more, he broke away,

Didn’t care for the devastation he left behind

For him it was wine, women and song, in any order.

Now he sits on a beach, watching the waves

They pound on the beach, washing away his past,

Presenting him with a present that is going nowhere

There is no family, no fairy floss house,

No children calling his name, cuddling up when sad,

There’s just him, all alone, thinking of where to sleep,

How to survive, it’s hard for man

Who once had the world in his hands.


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7 Responses to Photo Challenge #200 – The world in His Hands

  1. Wonderful Michael. You covered it all, and I love your last line.

  2. Your ending is spot on.

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