Bonus Wordle “Super Hero” – Its Lonely being a Super Hero


This week’s challenge: Before dawn Wall City Glass Fly Malefactor (n.)) a person who violates the law, a criminal, a person who causes harm to another) Lonely Vanquish Boom Prevaricate (v.)) to speak falsely or misleadingly) Safeguard Peccadillo (n)) a minor offense, a trifling fault)

It’s a lonely life being a super hero. From before dawn my alarm goes off and I quickly look to my super hero crisis monitor.

“Oh my goodness but the wall in Super City is cracked. I warned them about putting in a glass one, but would they listen? No! After all I’m just a super hero and what would I know?

Right now I know they expect me to fly right down and solve this crisis. I have some super sonic glass fixer handy too, but will I be appreciated?

All this will be the work of the City’s ace malefactor, Dastardly Dan from Dunn’s Creek, a prevaricator of ill repute. He loves to spread rumour about me all over town. Each peccadillo is designed to have me vanquished, discredited cast out and left to his malicious intent. But I refuse to succumb.

What he doesn’t understand is that as a super hero I am a safeguard against him and his kind because as soon as I do give in and disappear, BOOM, crime, misdeeds, manipulation and fake news like we’ve never seen before will saturate the city and the people will suffer, and most of all miss me.

As I said it’s a lonely life being a super-hero.”


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15 Responses to Bonus Wordle “Super Hero” – Its Lonely being a Super Hero

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Have you had your Vegimite sandwich?

  2. MNL says:

    love this. He should take a vacation — then people will appreciate him when he gets back — if the city isn’t completely leveled.

  3. Fandango says:

    “…crime, misdeeds, manipulation and fake news….” Can you please send your super hero our way? America needs him.

  4. This was great Michael, you really captured the vibe of the wordle!

  5. That damn fake news is everywhere.

  6. Jules says:

    We could use your Superhero here… I tire of fake news.
    And all the cracks that aren’t filled. But I guess that’s just a different reality :S

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