Tale Weaver -#157 – 1st February – Fairy Tale – Enchantment – Vera’s Enchantment


Image © Mara Eastern (Used with permission)

Vera Schnid was an enchanting woman and sadly for her enchanted.

When she presented herself at the front door of Miss Marble at 46 Grimace Street, she looked the forlorn character she in fact was. She presented a letter from Adolphus Grind, a wizard of renown, asking if Miss Marble had anyway of helping Vera.

It was a case of Vera being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On a walk one morning through the Green Forest she veered left instead of right and so when she approached The Swamp of a Thousand Frogs a frog enchantment attached itself to her.

Enchantments, I should point out will not attached to just anyone, but on this day the enchantment recognised something in Vera it liked and she was done for. It wrapped itself around her and added a whole new dimension to her character.

Fettered to Vera was a frog enchantment and, one, which was a novelty to begin with. Vera found herself searching the swamp for frogs, which she would kiss.

At first it was fun but the enchantment was more a compulsion and the more frogs she kissed the more she felt compelled to find and kiss.

It got so she was in the swamp morning till night.

The novelty of kissing frogs wore off but Vera was unable to stop. Eventually the local Herpetologist, Froggy Hoppman, raised the issue of the frogs in the swamp becoming sterile and if Vera was causing this. Experiments were set up and sure enough it was all Vera’s doing.

Froggy Hoppman raised the problem at a town meeting pointing out the problem to the swamp eco-system if the frogs disappeared. Something had to be done, and Vera was in the firing line. She was banned from the swamp but she started to sneak back in under cover of night.

It was then Adolphus Grind was called in, but he had no answers, and was more concerned about what might happen to Vera if she ran out of frogs. In desperation he sent her on the long journey to see Miss Marble.

Miss Marble listened to Vera’s story and noticed a sign of desperation about the poor woman who kept looking around and out into Miss Marble’s garden as if seeking out a frog to kiss.

It was a powerful enchantment, Miss Marble had to agree, but there is always hope she said, it would take her a day or two to find something to help.

Miss Marble had plenty of alternate enchantments, some involving kissing but to break Vera’s enchantment she had to engage with the enchantment itself.

It took her two days of research to find the answer. Once she hit on a cure she stoked up her cauldron to mix the ingredients, which in themselves were an effort, as she had to find frogspawn and that meant distracting Vera who was by now getting very edgy.

With the potion cooling Miss Marble called Vera in and outlined that in order for the potion to work Vera had to return to the Swamp where the enchantment originated and drink the potion standing ankle deep in the swamp.

Vera listened carefully as she was very keen to be rid of the cursed enchantment so she could return to some kind of normalcy.

Miss Marble present the potion to her in a silver box and repeated the instructions before Vera set off on her return trip.

A month later Miss Marble received a thank you note from Vera. The potion had worked and she was free of the enchantment. The only thing now was a compunction to seek out Princes, but she was working on that, as Princes were few and far between.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/02/01/tale-weaver-157-1st-february-fairy-tale-enchantment/

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10 Responses to Tale Weaver -#157 – 1st February – Fairy Tale – Enchantment – Vera’s Enchantment

  1. Poor Vera, kissing all of those frogs and not finding a prince.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Your story enchanted me on my train ride home.
    Vera should take to wearing glass slippers.
    Oh, some enchanted evening, there will come . .

  3. dancjulian says:

    I like very much the notion that enchantments can be picky or finnicky about who they choose. Enchantments with personalities! Great write.

  4. Lyn says:

    Good old Miss Marble. She’s always willing to help. Thank goodness kissing all those frogs didn’t end up in a massive case of warts! Hmmm I wonder if warts on noses of some witches is a result in kissing frogs in the hope of finding a prince? Always reading your tales of Miss Marble, Michael 🙂

  5. Jules says:

    A pleasant visit to 46 Grimace Street and a successful Miss Marble 🙂

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