Wordle #185 – A Case of Onism


This week’s words: Love Dense Condemn Evening Inside Onism (n.)) the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time, which is like standing in front of the departures screen at an airport, flickering over with strange place names like other people’s passwords, each representing one more thing you’ll never get to see before you die—and all because, as the arrow on the map helpfully points out, you are here.) Hearten Railroad Contrivance Promise Mandala Flirtation

It was so frustrating she told herself as she studied the map and saw where she was compared to where he was. To make it worse she was under medical advisement because she had been diagnosed with onism a mental state where you wanted to be one place but you were stuck in another. He lived across the lake, she thought about swimming but that was a silly idea, rowing was possible but then she thought love is such a serious business, did she love him enough to risk life and limb.

The distance apart gave her time to consider the good and bad points of their relationship. Each evening she’d sit out on her veranda and think about him and wonder what he was thinking.

He was a bit dense, not the brightest button around, but that was never going to be a reason to condemn him for she knew that on the inside there lay a man of worth, a good man, one she coveted.

There was a dream she continued to have where a pond would re-occur, a mandala, and she knew that at some stage she would have to cross the pond to find her man.

They had long passed the flirtation stage and had made promises to each other that upon meeting they would take the time to establish their true relationship.

She was greatly heartened by his promise to wait for her to be ready. For her it was a matter of contriving to cross the pond, once that was accomplished they would meet first time at the Railroad Café on the edge of town.

As she sat on her veranda, her onism, kicked into gear.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/01/29/wordle-185/

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7 Responses to Wordle #185 – A Case of Onism

  1. Fantastic! Could this be the Railroad Café long sought for by the T’wo Bearded Gentlemen’? How deep is the pond? Bruce could have difficulties crossing, unless he converts his wheelchair for a sub-mariner experience. Anyhow, I’m willing to push him in if the lunch is worth it!

  2. Jules says:

    Such interesting words to play with this week. To be wanting to move but to be stranded none-the-less. If she could just astral project her self… maybe to that cafe, maybe she could become solid there long enough…for a cure?

  3. Our roadside cafes may well be of the same chain Michael. 🙂

  4. Brilliant Michael and I love that closing line

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