Thursday photo prompt – Woodland #writephoto – Impending Danger


The first ray of sunlight heralded the arrival of the creature’s all intent on having a voice in the future of the woodland.

The Long Legged One arrived and nodded a cursory greeting to the Short Armed One as they both made their way to the space they would occupy at opposite ends of the meeting place.

The secretive nature of their existence in the woodlands was under threat with noises being made by the Hairy Heads of intrusions into the woodlands by the Mechanical Ones against which no one had any defence.

In the face of impending doom the woodland creatures would need to make arrangements to move, as their habitat would soon disappear.

The meeting space filled as the sun grew stronger, a group of small three eyed bipeds shuffled across to their space, excusing themselves as they brushed past the Stick Ones who as always had set up and impenetrable barrier without considering the needs of the others.

There was a minor bit of push and shove as the creatures assembled and everyone found a spot from which they could observe proceedings.

Called to order by the Hairy Body they sat to attention as he gurgled and garbled his concerns for the future.

It was the Feathered Flock who reported the current state of affairs. There was cry for a resolution and the meeting quickly concluded the necessity to put an evacuation plan into action.

All creatures were to take up their homes and leave under cover of the night and re-locate to the gully of the Laughing Ones, as it was considered for the moment safe from the rolling monsters.

As they left to make their preparations in the distance the dull roar of the Mechanical Ones could be heard, ever drawing closer.

They would pack and help each other as they moved away from the impending danger.


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16 Responses to Thursday photo prompt – Woodland #writephoto – Impending Danger

  1. Lyn says:

    Oh if only they could be that organised.

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    The advance of ‘civilisation’ reaps a heartless harvest.

  3. Iain Kelly says:

    This read like a scene form an animated film – I couldn’t help imagining ‘Jungle Book’ or ‘Watership Down’ as I read.

  4. No one is safe from these humans, any respite is purely temporary.

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  6. willowdot21 says:

    Great, Michael, great 🌹💜

  7. Tom Gould says:

    This reminds me of the Cotswold Way. A beautiful walk that goes from Worcestershire to Somerset. Thee is something very Middle Earth about it.

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