Wordle #184 – Albert Doorstop.


This week’s words: Behind Leaf Flail Sent to Windglum (to ostracize a person, to ignore them) Kiss Abysmal Comet Native Harlequin Growl Attempt Dampen

When a soul passed from its body it wasn’t unusual for that soul to be fearful of what lay ahead.

It was the job of Wayne and Greg, angels from up and down stairs to settle any given soul and point them in the direction of their eternity.

Some souls have been known to attempt to hide behind any leaf or tree that might be in their vicinity. Its pointless really as no matter how hard you try in the next life there is no way you can be sent to Windglum, you can apply it to yourself but the next life being a somewhat long existence ensures that in either the upstairs or downstairs departments there is always something to do and or avoid if you so desire.

Wayne and Greg watched as the abysmal life of Albert Doorstop came to a sudden end. Albert was a man who believed the aliens would be on the next comet to come near to the earth and had repeatedly told his friends in the town of Harlequin to expect them any day. He believed the native population were descendants of previous alien visits and he would growl at anyone who offered a dissenting voice.

Albert had been a man for whom contact with others had never been a satisfactory experience. Thinking he was a man of the world, if not the universe, he attempted a romantic assignation with Mary Botswain who ran the lolly shop. His attempt at a kiss resulted in a severe face slapping from Mary who was having no truck with one such as Albert Doorstop.

She had seriously dampened his idea of romance and that evening in a bizarre attempt at cleansing himself, mind and body, flailed himself with a medieval whip he designed from old pieces of string and bottle tops.

Wayne and Greg looked at the pathetic specimen and knew in cases such as this, it was as much a toss of the coin as anything else to determine a souls eternity.

“Heads,” called Greg and the abysmal Albert watched in anticipation.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/01/22/wordle-184/

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9 Responses to Wordle #184 – Albert Doorstop.

  1. any1mark says:

    I feel happy at not putting anyone into the coin flip position when my time arrives.The Doorstop name apparently makes for ho hum lifestyle of little direction. Nicely done

  2. Coin flip! I hope my fated eternity is determined by a little more merit than that.

  3. If fate is decided by the flip of a coin I am in trouble, all my luck is used to keep me alive and believe me as clumsy I am it is necessary hence I never win lotteries and coin flips and games of chance!

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