Photo Challenge #197 – Stuck!


Image: Braedin Toth

When Johnno set off on his first round the country journey he thought he had everything covered.

The old Kombi he had worked on and had it in tiptop shape.

So it came as a surprise to him when it broke down along the dam wall.

The engine had given up the ghost. There was nothing, no response when he turned the key. He knew he could fix whatever it might be but right now this wasn’t a stopping off point along his trip he had anticipated.

Above him the snow covered mountains told him of a cold night ahead.

He had packed the flares in case of an emergency like this and hopes never to use them.

Because the dam wall was down in a low part of the mountains he stood on the roof and let them off hoping against hope he might be rescued. As it was coming on to night he didn’t expect to be found and so began preparations for the night.

He had food and water, there were blankets in the kombi and he knew he might be cold but at the same time safe from the freezing temperatures.

Just as he was settling he heard the helicopter.


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