Sunday Writing Prompt #236 “It’s All In The Title” – Shadows in the Cellar


Image: mariyaolshevska

Shadows in the Cellar

They were always there and had learned stealth. Moving when you weren’t watching.

They were a little clumsy as well. A paint tin knocked over, the spanner set rearranged and their need for tissues always evident by the tissues abandoned on the stairs.

Despite they’re being untidy and leaving evidence we never saw them. They were all intense and purposes, shadows in the corner of our eyes.

Dad had known about them for a long time. He told me when I was fifteen, pointed out the tissues on the stairs and told me not to worry about them as they lived in the cellar and didn’t cause any harm, apart from mess.

When I was sixteen my parents organised a party for me and I made the mistake of mentioning to a few mates about the shadow people. Being naturally curious they wanted to stake out the cellar to see if they could see them.

So three mates and I after everyone had gone home decided to campout in the cellar. It had been a great party and a long day so we were all tired but determined to stay awake and be vigilant.

Of course it wasn’t long before we were all asleep.

I woke just on dawn with my three mates snoring beside me. Around them were discarded tissues, each with a small amount of lipstick on each.

When they woke up and looked around and saw the tissues they claimed the shadow people must have been there. I let them believe the story never telling them my dad had snuck down after we were asleep and dropped mum’s tissues from wiping off her lipstick.

But the next morning when we wandered down there was a small change in the cellar, dad’s hunting knife was stuck in the wall and he claimed he’d not been down there.


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19 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt #236 “It’s All In The Title” – Shadows in the Cellar

  1. Lyn says:

    LOL Cue Twilight Zone music here. Never dis the shadow people…even jokingly. Else they become more than shadows in the corner of our eyes.

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Intriguing, Michael. Nice!

  3. I like where you took this, I would love to learn more about these shadow people

  4. MNL says:

    oooh, no more overnights downstairs! fun story.

  5. Vivian Zems says:

    Ooh! So intriguing 😨. I would have run off!

  6. Vivian Zems says:

    Oops! Our prompter- got it!

  7. Vivian Zems says:

    And I agree! More – perhaps with another prompt.

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