First Line Friday – January 5th, 2018 – The Sigil

The sigil left in his place made no sense.

Not until you went too close and felt its power. It wasn’t like a burning or anything but more like a wall of invisible force that kept you at bay.

It was a curiosity to say the least. Why it was there was a mystery. It was one of those occasions where we were all left to wonder until the humming began.

The sigil started to hum at 12.30pm. At first it was a gentle and almost inaudible hum but once it was noticed and attracted a crowd the hum increased in intensity until people had to move away sheltering their ears.

We reasoned it was its way of keeping our curiosity at bay. Once the Government men arrived and began shielding us from it, it was clear their intentions were to dismantle it if not blow it up.

“All for the public good.” I could hear them saying but the sigil wasn’t going to let them get close enough to try.

They tried shooting it, fired off missiles, sent in jet fighters which was a shame as the jets once close enough were dissolved and fragments showered down like confetti.

By lunchtime on the second day the humming was so intense there was a two-kilometre zone placed around it.

There was a standoff, heads were bowed in earnest conversation, plans were made, discussed and remade.

Then Leo returned, walked past the barricades, ignored the threats from the military and walked up to the sigil and the humming stopped.

There was a collective drawing in of breath as we awaited the next chapter. Leo looked about took the sigil in his hand and placed it in his pocket. This astounded us, as we were sure the sigil was bigger than an object one placed in one’s pocket.

Then he again walked past the military and the barricades, winked at me as he passed and said meet me in the café in twenty. Behind him was confusion and fear. As he wandered off through the crowd I thought, for a wizard, he was such a character and a latte would be so nice right now.


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4 Responses to First Line Friday – January 5th, 2018 – The Sigil

  1. James says:

    Quite the prankster, that one.

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Excellent – I love this!

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