Bonus Wordle “New Years” – The Annual Mindlovesmisery’s New Year’s Bash


This week’s words: Sparklers Flute  Champagne  Gala Midnight Kiss Effervescent  Gold  Invitation  Gown Chanel No. 5 Enchanting

There was nothing as exciting and as invigorating as the annual New Year’s bash at the Mindlovesmisery headquarters tucked away in the enchanting end of the WordPress Blogland, just beyond the Book of Dictionary and the Word of Thesaurus.

Everyone who was someone was there most shyly making their way around the room nodding politely to the bloggers they recognised and sizing up which ones they would seek a midnight kiss from when the clock announced the incoming year.

This year Pat the Wildchild was the host and had laid on a veritable spread of pre-dinner tasty eats, to be followed by even tastier dinner eats and then to top it all off the golden moment when she would present her effervescent pavlova dessert topped with fruits and ice-cream of whatever flavour you desired.

The big moment of the gala event arrived when the guest of honour the beautiful Yves arrived on the arm of her love and companion, Sam. This year she was wearing a stunning gown and had showered her gorgeous self in Chanel No 5 much to the envy of all others present.

There was a minor confusion when the champagne flutes were not available, but that was quickly rectified, and it soon was forgotten as the champagne flowed.

The doorman who was a strict sort of fellow challenged summerstommy when he arrived as his invitation had been damaged in the wash prior to his departure for the party and so when he presented his invitation in its very ragged form there was a moment when he may not have been admitted had it not been for the intervention of Lorraine, who actually did appear at the party in her frilly Freudian slip, and vouched for summerstommy, thus allowing him to partake in the party which by now was at its lively peek.

As the hour of midnight approached Pat handed out sparklers to the revellers with instructions that when given each attendee was to light and wave them enthusiastically as the sparklers in question were golden in colour and it would provide a wonderful short video for the Mindlovesmisery’s face book page.

As the clock struck twelve the sparklers, which were sparkling to their heart’s content, found Lorraine sidling up to summertommy and insisted that since she had acted on his behalf that she receive a new year’s kiss. Having drunk several flutes of champagne, she puckered up and awaited her reward.


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9 Responses to Bonus Wordle “New Years” – The Annual Mindlovesmisery’s New Year’s Bash

  1. any1mark says:

    Another prime example of the office party being perfect as always. Nicely done

  2. This brought a smile to my lips Micheal! What a delight =) I hope your enjoying the New Year!

  3. James says:

    I’m sure there are more “in” references and jokes here than I could possibly recognize.

  4. Lorraine says:

    Puckered I remain. If one can smile, laugh, and pucker up at the same time.
    Wonderful romp through mlmm’s world. And, happy new year to you as well!

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Loraine, it was just where the muse took me and who am I to argue with that. Hope your New Year’s day is a good one, not too cold and full of promise.

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