Bonus Wordle “Holidays 2” The Cook Tradition.


This week’s words: Morii- The desire to capture a fleeting experience. Drop Florid- reddish, rosy, ruddy, excessively ornate, flowery, showy  Tussle  Ribbon Song Preparation Dawn Solstice  Poinsettia Perforate  Wine


With the arrival of the summer solstice, there was the thought that from that day onwards the days would grow shorter. For the Cook family, it was a day of significance. They met as one and decorated their house with poinsettias, so it appeared to add a more than florid reddishness to the experience matching the ruddy faces of the family after they’d had one or six strong drinks.

For the Cooks, a state of morii was a desired place to be, the thought that each December they got to experience not only the commemoration of the solstice but allowed themselves to become shit faced in celebration. For the Cooks morii was a sense of being as one with the world around them and the daddy Cook’s wine cellar.

The day began at dawn and after much preparation which usually involved a lot of sampling of wines which then gave way to the excessive nature of the day.

Each family member arrived dressed as ornate and flowery as they could manage which usually gave way to the grotesque which once the day had begun seemed to matter little.

As was becoming the custom within the family, Rosy Cook was soon in a tussle with her cousin Ima over which of the two should conduct the annual perforation of the last goon.* The honour usually went to the last one standing, and the two drank every drop with deliberate precision while singing the family song: Rip the Ribbon from the Last Goon, baby.

Needless to say, it was a night to be remembered, if anyone could, as the next morning the rising sun and heat forced them all to pack their respective belongings and after goodbyes, begrudgingly given, they all left wondering what scandal they left behind.


*Wine is contained in a plastic bladder typically with an air-tight valve emerging from a protective corrugated fiberboard box. It serves as an alternative to traditional wine bottling in glass with a cork or synthetic seal. It is sometimes called goon or goon bag in Australia.


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7 Responses to Bonus Wordle “Holidays 2” The Cook Tradition.

  1. Vivian Zems says:

    What a family! Looks like a good way to spend the solstice. Let me know when they’re meeting next…. this is one party I must crash! Good tale and fantastic use of the wordle.

  2. I guess that the Cook family will also get tanked up for New Years.

  3. This reminds me of those holiday movies with all the eccentric and drunk relatives! I hope you are enjoying your holidays Michael =)

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