Saturday Mix – Double Take, 23 December 2017

The homophone sets are:

presence – the state of being present


holy – with religious significance
holey – perforated, with holes
wholly – fully, completely


The Reverend Father surveyed his Christmas midnight Mass congregation and considered the presence of the dozen or so was better than expected.

Over the past year his and every other priest’s holiness had been seriously questioned and the fact anyone showed up was pleasing.

Mrs Karthups would have been there even if the priest was proved to be the devil incarnate. In her hand bag, she had a small present for the priest. A new pair of socks as she’d noticed the holey state of the ones he wore each Sunday. Her priest in holey socks was something she could not stand, and his presence in such attire did not fit the whole image she had her priest.

She shuffled on the hard church pew her mind on the cup of tea she’d make when she returned home knowing she would be wholly and completely in the state of God’s grace.


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8 Responses to Saturday Mix – Double Take, 23 December 2017

  1. julespaige says:

    Thinking of others – should be an every day gift…

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