Wot I Shot Wednesday


Bunder (my elf on a shelf) this past week has been atop the Christmas tree as well as spending the week at the home of my three small grandsons. They were amazed he found their house and more amazed he managed to move around their house when they weren’t looking. The other morning he was found in their room and had spread toilet paper around their room and over their beds.

He also took over the Santa sleigh they had and had grabbed some of Santa’s candy canes.


This week he is at my grand daughter’s place and when she spied him the other night exclaimed: “This is the best Christmas ever.” So I await news of what he gets up to there. No repeat of last year when Bunder was seen sitting on the ceiling fan, and grand daughter thought she’d make his life more exciting by turning on the fan. Poor Bunder was in need of band-aids and panadol.

So I hope your Christmas week is going well. Best wishes.

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6 Responses to Wot I Shot Wednesday

  1. Lyn says:

    LOL it’s all fun and games until someone turns on the ceiling fan 😀 What fun it must be for your grandchildren, Michael. I look forward to hearing more of Bunder’s adventures!

  2. I truly don’t understand the concept of a mischievious elf being around in order to remind children to be good.

    • Michael says:

      Just consider it another layer in preparing for Christmas. The little kids love the fact of him being around and older kids love the notion of playing with him and watching the reactions of the little ones.

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