Bonus Wordle “Holidays” – Angus McSroogerton


This week’s words: Gifts Oranges  Cloves  Glistering Biting Cinnamon Rice Porridge Family Stress Snowfall Darkness Candles Ornaments Fire

Every year was the same Angus McSroogerton thought as he packed the Christmas parcel that was to go to his distant but wealthy Aunt Agnes McSroogerton.

He believed there was a lot to be said for the humbug of Christmas. His Aunt expected something from him, and his gift was always something. This year a tin of cinnamon rice pudding, an orange all wrapped in glistening Christmas paper as he knew she liked the idea that all that glistened was gold.

It could be said that Angus didn’t care a lot for his aunt, but he knew to keep in her good books as he was the sole relative to inherit her fortune. He thought over his previous gifts to her. The clove of garlic one year, the candles and Christmas ornaments and the small fire that the candles caused has raised his spirits.

Once his gift was wrapped, he then faced the ordeal of taking the parcel to the Post Office, and that meant walking out into the biting wind, being buffered by the snow that was falling and had created drifts he hated ploughing his way through.

It was still dark, and he didn’t like the darkness much either as his eyesight was failing as he grew older and grouchier.

On the corner, he encountered the Smith Family all out in the snow erecting their Christmas Day display. Mother, Father and daughter all working together to put up as many lights and glistering baubles as they could. The joy and laughter was enough to make him feel worse as he pushed his way past their house.

In his world, family equalled stress at this time of the year, and he was glad he didn’t have to deal with any of it. It was bad enough he had to suck up to his Aunt.

Through the darkness, he spotted the Post Office and was pleased he had made it and would be rid of his only investment in Christmas. He’d soon bunker down in his little house and wait out the joy and festivity around him.


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6 Responses to Bonus Wordle “Holidays” – Angus McSroogerton

  1. mhmp77 says:

    walking out into the biting wind, being buffered
    by the snow that was falling and had created
    drifts he hated ploughing his way through

    Certainly he was better off indoors. Wonderful story-line Michael!


  2. Love his aunts name very apt and the gifts exchanged brilliant

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