Sunday Writing Prompt #233 “Creation Myth” – Cyril Rum’s Version of Creation.


“It was all a bit of hit and miss,” said Cyril Rum, Angel on Sabbatical from Heaven to his neighbour Mildred Thrup’s question as the origins of everything. They had been discussing the state of the world and how there was so much bad within it when Mildred asked Cyril the question.

“It all started with an idea He had one day looking at how the earth was evolving. He was mighty pleased with the earth, the growth of all sorts of life forms thrilled him and being a bit of an amateur gardener he was forever curious about plants and flowers. Ferns he thinks are his best creation the way they unfurl with new life, gives Him quite a buzz when I think about it.

He loved the dinosaurs, after all, size does matter, where do you think that whole idea came from,” said Cyril with a twinkle in his eye.

“But in making the universe He wasn’t all that thorough when it came to cleaning up after Himself, and so there was a heap of rubbish floating and flying around space, and He forgot that fact when a rather large piece of rock fell on the earth it potentially might trigger the end of the dinosaurs. Only a few survived. The birds of course and creatures like the crocodiles and sharks who were protected by staying underwater and not being reliant on eating from the land.

Along the way, he experimented, and we still joke about what He must have been thinking when He tried out the platypus.

But eventually, through further trial and error, humans, as we know them evolved and so they present Him with another dilemma.

He gave them a brain and a sense of their own destiny and along with that came greed and self-centredness. You’ve no idea how mad that whole concept makes Him. Instead of appreciating all they have they constantly whinge about wanting more.

So before long man became his own worst enemy and we had wars and all that breaking out. He tried a few things to rectify the situation, floods and famines and the odd plague but humans always found a way of surviving.

He sent His Son, and He made an impact. But the zealots have taken over, and now He has a real dilemma, and a reason I am here is to study man and see if he is worth saving.

The Earth has always been a beautiful place full of so many natural wonders we deities find it fascinating that man is set on destroying it all.”

Cyril then stopped and looked at Mildred still trying in his mind to understand man and what he was on about.

“You were never meant to become God you know Mildred, it just can’t and won’t happen but living in harmony with your world can happen and will happen the day you all realise your purpose is to enjoy the earth, not kill it.”

“So,” asked Mildred, “the whole seven days thing?”

“Oh that, a good tale, impressed a lot of people over the years but let’s face it he may be God, but even He can’t do everything at once. Omnipotent as he might be,” said Cyril smiling to himself.

“We’ve a long way to go,” said Mildred sipping her tea.

“Yes, you do, but time is on your side.”

In that instant Mildred thought she saw a flurry of feathers behind Cyril’s back but dismissed the idea as his claim to be an Angel was enough for her to deal with for now.



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5 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt #233 “Creation Myth” – Cyril Rum’s Version of Creation.

  1. “…but living in harmony with your world can happen and will happen the day you all realise your purpose is to enjoy the earth, not kill it.”
    My dream.

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