Fairy Tale/Tale Weaver #150 – 14th December – The Prince Who Forgot


Prince Croakalot was in serious trouble. The love of his life the beautifully green Princess Lillypad was angry beyond words.

The Prince was becoming more and more forgetful. Yesterday was the anniversary of their first meeting and where in the past Croakalot had showered her with gifts from the pond the day had passed with not a single acknowledgement of the day’s importance.

Princess Lillypad had voiced her concerns to all and sundry around the pond, and it was agreed that Croakalot was fast becoming Prince Scumalot.

The Prince oblivious to all the fuss being made about his lack of memory went about his Princely business, or what he thought was Princely business.

There was a meeting with the pond newts, the Prince turned up but at the last minute remembered it was for the next day which meant he was late for the Water Hyacinth Christmas decoration committee meeting.  Yellow-legs Hopper, the Chairperson, was not at all pleased and voiced her concerns upon Croaklot’s arrival as he had been responsible for a delay and Yellow-Legs hated delays. Her disliked centred largely around her awareness that hoppers of her species had a short life span and getting things done was paramount when it was highly likely she wouldn’t be around by Christmas.

In the meantime, Princess Lillypad was consoling herself by decorating her own Lilly pad in tastefully regal ways with a royal flourish here and there to set the mood in her part of the pond.

That night the Prince failed to return home and after much pacing, or rather frantic hopping, the Princess sent out a search party who returned having found the Prince living the high life in the Lady Bugs Brothel where he had been found in the embrace of one Long Legs Red Spider the notorious male species seductress who was just about the ensnare him in her lustful wed of intrigue when he was rescued by the Princely guard.

It was clear after this event that Prince Croakalot was losing his mind and so it was decided that he would be retired from Princely duties and send to the distant western Lilly pad where he could live out his final days surrounded by all his toys and memories of tadpolehood.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/12/14/fairy-tale-tale-weaver-150-14th-december-the-prince-who-forgot/

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5 Responses to Fairy Tale/Tale Weaver #150 – 14th December – The Prince Who Forgot

  1. -Eugenia says:

    I love this! Creative and downright cute!

  2. Memories of tadpolehood. Like it Michael!

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