Photo Challenge #192 – The Girl Who Played with Maths.


Image found on Discrete

The girl who played with maths lay in her bed

Her brain danced with equations and solutions,

Puzzles and dilemmas.

Every day was taken up with a problem to be solved.

She was sought after, consulted, offered advice

In her field, she was the top gun.

Socially awkward she struggled with friendships

Like the rabbit in the headlights

She had no ease when it came to other people

She found them confronting

Small talk was not her go

She had no interest in pursuing it

So, others found her difficult to be with

It was much simpler to withdraw,

Pretend to be busy, occupied with heady things

When in reality she craved company

Contact, interactions where she could be herself.

So, she found safety in a tub of calculus,

interlaced with a statistic or two,

a plentiful supply of x’s and y’s,

parentheses and coefficients.

But no amount of denial could change her realisation

Her life was more nonlinear than linear.


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2 Responses to Photo Challenge #192 – The Girl Who Played with Maths.

  1. Fandango says:

    Based upon the picture, I don’t see how others would find it difficult to be with her. I think her geometry is quite alluring.

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