#LyricalFictionFriday: “Just Friends” #fictionfriday #marquessachallenge


It makes no sense to be falling…you’ve got her, I’ve got him, should not even be calling…”

Just friends he said looking at her

She curled up on her blanket,

Drew the cover up around her shoulders

The cold swirling around her.

She said friends was all she could be

And looked at him her eyes apologising,

Her manner understanding his disappointment.

They enjoyed their moments together

Their conversation fulfilling

Deep and trustworthy.

But he wasn’t an attraction

She didn’t desire him as he did her

So, this was the sum of it all.


Written for: https://marquessamatthews.com/2017/12/07/marquessachallenge-just-friends/

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2 Responses to #LyricalFictionFriday: “Just Friends” #fictionfriday #marquessachallenge

  1. Marquessa says:

    Ahh…it’s always so sad when feelings are expressed and are not returned…wonderful piece!

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