Wot I Shot Wednesday

As it is now the month of Christmas my Wednesday shots will be of a Christmas flavour.


This my elf on a shelf called Bunder. He has come out of hibernation to begin his Christmas rounds. His name came about on the first night I brought him out. The gkids had come for dinner, and I explained that we had to have a name for him. That night there was a big thunder storm happening outside. I asked the gkids to suggest a name and Jack being about 2 at the time as a clap of thunder sounded said ‘Bunder’. So it was decided he become known as Bunder and each year since he has appeared at each of the gkids houses.

Each week I shall include a Bunder story and new photo of where he is and what he has gotten up to as he is often mischievous in where we find him. In the above photo, Bunder is sitting on my old clock watching over us. But he is not always so behaved!!!

This week he has gone to my gson Joey’s house, and I shall await the stories of what he got up to there.

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4 Responses to Wot I Shot Wednesday

  1. You should sew some feet on him.

  2. Patricia says:

    Wonderful that Bunder gets out and about during the holiday. Great tradition.

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