Wordle #181 – Hell’s Sign-Up Sheet


This week’s words: Incident  Lend  Forgettery ((n.) a faculty or facility for forgetting; faulty memory) External Mesh Demagogue((n.) a person, especially an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people.)  Hell  Fling Effect  June Decapitate Pop

Wayne the advocate for Hell and all things devilish stood at the gates of Hell with a sign-up sheet. It was a new initiate to lift the profile of hell. All the new arrivals had to do was pop their names on the sheet corresponding to the activity they would like to participate in. Normally a soul would be assigned an activity, but this new initiative meant each soul had the opportunity to have a fling at whatever they chose.

Wayne was excited as the first soul approached. He looked at his book of incoming and saw that this was June Haberfield, a woman who not only owned numerous brothels but also exploited every girl she had working for her. June when confronted by the litany of sins she had committed exercised the age-old device of forgettery pleading ignorance of any and every transgression.

On the list was a range of hellish activities to choose from. June looked down the list and turned her nose up at most of them all the while protesting that there had been a mistake in her being sent down when in fact she as innocent as the driven snow.

Wayne quickly related several incidents in which June had taken a lend of her worker’s reputations and money. She put her name down for card shuffling thinking how hard could that be. Wayne handed her a pack of cards and pointed her in the direction of the large mesh door. The external observation suggested the mesh door was an open and shut case, but she quickly learned in hell that nothing was as easy as it looked. There was a block on which was her name, and she went and stood there. Her pack of cards was glued shut. When she did eventually open the packet, she found the pack covered in sticky goo which made shuffling somewhat of a chore. But as was pointed out to her she had all of eternity to perfect her method.

Next to her was the soul of the sandy-haired demagogue. He was strangely silent as he too struggled with his pack of cards having been told that once he perfected his shuffle, he would be moved on to the red-hot lava pools.

To June’s left was the decapitated starlet, her headless body having an unnerving effect on June. Her pack of cards were covered in spider webs that stuck to her hands and even though her head sat on the ground beside her and shouted endless orders to her nothing seemed to be working for her.

From the doorway of the card room, Wayne watched with interest as each participant struggled to succeed. In life he thought they all succeeded with little effort, they each had a fling in life that left many the worse off, and he told himself that he’d enjoy popping in from time to time to see how much progress they hadn’t made.

Just then he observed the demagogue drop his pack of cards. When you dropped them the only place they fell to were the cess pools the blocks stood in.

“I’m in the shit now,” he muttered as he stood waist deep to begin the search for his cards.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/12/04/wordle-181/

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2 Responses to Wordle #181 – Hell’s Sign-Up Sheet

  1. I really like the whole premise of this one Michael, very creative, very amusing!

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