Tale Weaver – #147 – What Brings you Joy?? – Morning Tea with Mansur Stigglefod

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Like most days when Miss Marble awoke she had the feeling today was going to be one of those days like most days in her life where something interesting would happen.

Only yesterday she opened her door to a young couple on a religious evangelical crusade to save her from the fires of everlasting torment should she not renounce her evil ways and embrace their version of happiness. She listened as she did every time someone came to her door, often in the hope that she might learn something or make a new friend.

But this couple she determined where destined to not provide her with anything of that kind.

When such times occurred she reached behind her door for a small vial and sprinkled the dust from it over the relentless young couple.

It stopped them in their tracks and their faces lost their stern scolding look and were replaced by the smiles of happy contented young couple whom Miss Marble knew in about thirty seconds would find a new and exciting love for each other which would take them far from Grimace Street. And so they skipped off down the path, hand in hand, not knowing just how attractive they were to each other.

So this morning it was about organising her day and looking at her calendar to see what was in store.

Her aging Swedish neighbour, Mansur Stigglefod, broke her revere. Mansur was a small lady with an aging face and the most becoming grey bangs. As normal for Mansur, she hobbled in and sat herself at the kitchen table asking Miss Marble how she was and in the same sentence telling her of her increasing aches and pains.

She was having trouble with her teeth. They kept falling out and it was making life difficult when it came to eating as Mansur wasn’t all that keen about living on a liquid diet.

Miss Marble loved Mansur, as a neighbour she was the best she’d ever had and as a morning companion such delightful company.

So she put the kettle on, grabbed their favourite cups and made the best cup of tea Mansur ever tasted.

The tea was of Miss Marble’s own making and always contained a pinch of joy designed to make you feel better even on your worst day. It worked well on Mansur even if the payoff was a more vociferous neighbour who suddenly had the answer to the world’s ills.

By ten o’clock their morning came to an end with Miss Marble suggesting Mansur go home for a nap. Mansur looked at her watch, jumped up and said her farewells and was off out the door.

For Miss Marble it was a lovely way to start the day, the interactions with Mansur always filled her with joy and lay the foundation for a satisfying day.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/11/23/tale-weaver-147-what-brings-you-joy/

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7 Responses to Tale Weaver – #147 – What Brings you Joy?? – Morning Tea with Mansur Stigglefod

  1. That is a lovely story.

  2. Lyn says:

    Miss Marble is sweet.

  3. Tournesol says:

    Oh my, I just love Miss Marble!!

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