Photo Challenge #189 – The Deity Within Us.


Image: – Carlos Quevedo

When I was young, the world was all so clear

I was told what was right and what was wrong.

I learnt about angels and demons

I knew the devil’s handiwork in everything that went wrong.

As I grew I learned new perspectives

I discovered lies I never envisaged as a child

I began to feel the pull of doubt and suspicion.

I explored my beliefs, I read and listened,

I stepped out and found myself alone

But I felt safe where I was

Belief in one thing or another began to fade

I was more comfortable in skin

Knowing there may be a deity out there

But He or She was not the oppressive God of my teachers

Rather he was God of subtle humour, of love and forgiveness.

The struggle is a daily one, within us, lies a deity

We embrace that notion, or we reject,

Either way, it becomes a basis for living.


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2 Responses to Photo Challenge #189 – The Deity Within Us.

  1. Fandango says:

    Thought provoking. Nicely done.

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