SoCS Nov. 18/17 – Pssst…


“Psst! Psst! For goodness sake. HEY YOU!!!!”


“Wake up.”

“What? I’m sleeping.”

“I want to do it again!”

“What? What time is it?”

“2am….come on, let’s go again.”

“No! I have to get up for work in the morning.”

“Come on honey bun, this is so much better than work. You can get up for work anytime, now I want you to get up for me.”

“NO! I’m exhausted.”

“Come on babe, just this once, I’m all excited and ready.”

“I’m tired, I’m irritated, I’m not interested.”

“Babe, please. I’ll be ya best friend. Tickle your bits?”

You already are, a little to the left…hmmmm”.

“I’ll be your bestest friend ever.”

“Hmmm….sounds like a plan.”

“So, will ya?”

“Will I what.”

“Do it with me again?”

“I don’t have a choice, do I?”

“Not really.”

“Ok. But we need to be naked.”

“Of course. I’ll clear the table.”

“You and your 1000 piece puzzles.”


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4 Responses to SoCS Nov. 18/17 – Pssst…

  1. A super twist, Michael.

  2. Jami Carder says:


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