Photo Challenge #188 – The Tiny Girl



The tiny girl walks to the piano

The auditorium packed, expectant,

She sits and is momentarily lost in the vastness of the space.

With the first note

We are mesmerised,

Glued to our seats.

The magic rolls out before us

As she sets the heavens alight.

From her fingers are the sounds only angels emit.

I glance at my program and read once again those final words:

“My abusers, I know who you are

My music names each one of you

Listen for your names to ring out.”

As she plays several audience squirm

Ties are loosened,

Brows mopped

The uneasiness in the midst of divine revelation

Cuts the air, but no one moves.

The music from the tiny girl

Is spellbinding.


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5 Responses to Photo Challenge #188 – The Tiny Girl

  1. This is amazing, Michael.

  2. Great stuff Michael. Neat twist with the abusers.

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