Photo Challenge #187 – Getting My Hands Dirty


Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

My father came into my room demanding to know what I was doing.

I was sitting on my bed reading.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and he had other ideas as to what a teenage boy should be doing.

He confiscated the book and told me to get outside and get my hands dirty doing some ‘real work’.

I wasn’t a practical work with your hands sort of kid, and so I avoided it whenever I could. There were some things I didn’t mind, like chopping firewood and mowing the lawn. They were tasks which had an obvious outcome.

High school opened my eyes to art in all its forms.

I was fascinated by pottery. The notion of a lump of featureless clay being shaped into an object people would find aesthetically pleasing was something I latched onto as a feasible expression of what I thought art could be.

I knew it was not as easy as it looked and I did watch the film “Ghost” which made it look all so romantic.

My first efforts were as expected not memorable. But I persevered and with the help of my teacher and later an old neighbour who had a wheel in his shed I slowly learned to feel my may in the clay and make it, and my hands work together.

I have learned to never take it for granted. I have to concentrate on what I am doing and a little like writing at times allow the muse inside of you to dictate where and what might come next.

It’s a gift I have, and I know if my father were alive today he would see me getting my hands dirty and in doing so I am making a good living as my work is in demand.



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5 Responses to Photo Challenge #187 – Getting My Hands Dirty

  1. scribblersdip says:

    Truth or fiction? or a combo? 7

    curiosity begs the answer ….

    thanks for playing the challenge this week Michael 🙂

    and aren’t all endeavours meant to lead one along a path of discovery, interest and pleasure, satisfying curiosity for its own sake? regardless of the “perfection” of outcome, or as you noted – a direct and proportionally effective and needs based productive result – i.e. chopping wood. Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise to learn to accept to just do something because it’s fun to do it.

    • Michael says:

      there is an element of truth in all that Pat, my dad thankfully mellowed as he aged and became my greatest supporter thru all the trials I had to deal with my ex-wife…and yes some jobs are fun for me….especially when I can pace myself at them and don’t have someone watching demanding more than I can deliver….

      • scribblersdip says:

        thanks for answering 🙂

        yes, I can appreciate how daunting it can be to have someone who is more “by the book” and be “productive” in order to “make something of yourself” etc. etc. Nothing quite like someone demanding these projections to dampen a spirit. But still, curiosity and persistence will out, which is good. All kinds of new experiences to be tried. 🙂

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