Manic Monday #9 Challenge – Turn the Page

Based on Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page.

She was the bravest of women,

Full not only of determination

But compassion for others

And a fierce passion for the things she held dear.

It wasn’t always so, she led a life of conformity

So often as she attempted to turn the page

She found herself facing

The same old shit, just a different day.

Within her she held secrets

The type that haunt you,

Tie you down, keep you riveted

Under the control of past perpetrators.

To break free she did what so many have had to do,

Act as no one expects, defy the naysayers

Step out into the unknown

As that was the only place left to go.

She wrote her story, irritated family

Suffered the slights only family can give

But believed it was her story,

“Let them write their own.”

Hers was as she experienced it.

In all this turmoil, which played upon her health

She still found time for me,

A boy, upon one page in her life.



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