Photo Challenge #186 – The Reading

Reverend Zombies House of Voodoo DS

Image: © Richard Davis Photography

They said he was a man of the cloth

Though he looked more dishcloth than tablecloth.

His face like his reading room

Showed the ravages of time

The creases were deep and abyss like.

Along each wall was an array of shrunken heads

Bones and bottles containing bits I was hoping were for display only.

He beckoned me over

Took my hand in his

His touch gentle and soft

He turned my hand one side to another

All the while sucking on a pipe that dangled from his lips.

Then he took some herbs and set them alight

The smoke filled the room

But I never once felt overcome

Rather I relaxed, drew in the aromas

My body responding by letting go

As a huge calm settled over me.

I closed my eyes and he spoke:

“Future good, work good,

Marriage will elude you,

Health an issue but you have inner strength

Use it wisely, listen to your heart

It speaks the truth.”

I opened my eyes and he was gone

My head was clear, I remember everything he said.

On the wall as I exited it said:

Listen to your heart, not everyone else’s.

It was then a chill ran down my spine.


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6 Responses to Photo Challenge #186 – The Reading

  1. Vivian Zems says:

    Spooky! Now I’ve got a chill down my spine…..*shudder*

  2. scribblersdip says:

    Interesting tale Michael 🙂

    I like how you’ve very simply but in concrete fashion painted an image in the mind, shifting the focus so easily to the reading, and then, the ending adds a wonderful “whoop” dimension, without being all “flashy” and glitzy. Just enough of the “weird” to let one wonder ….

    Thanks for playing the Photo Challenge this week 🙂

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