Thursday photo prompt – Spur – #writephoto


When cowboys meet they like to discuss the size of their spurs, the sharpness, the hours they spend honing down on the one bit of their gear they are most proud of.

At the recent rodeo there was an award given for the cowboy whose spurs jangled the best and loudest. As a result we had singing boots around us all weekend.

What spurred all this on was a conversation between Jed the wrangler and Cletus the stable hand. One reckoned you couldn’t make spurs do much more than be spurs. The other claimed they could a whole lot, like spin and jangle and if you had a good gait about you then your spurs added to the overall effect of you being the perfect cowboy.

So after much debate Cletus said he would produce a flyer about the contest to be held the evening of the first day of the rodeo. A prize of $100 was put up by both men.

So they found a hard floor to maximise the spur jangling and away the contest went. Twenty cowboys and cowgirls entered and a crowd gathered to watch the fun.

Cletus and Jed decided to be judges and watched and listened to each contestant.

In the end a cowgirl called Annie Getcha was proclaimed the winner as her cute figure and very cowgirl gait was enough to swing the competition in her favour much to the chagrin of the male contestants.

But overall it was a great fun exercise and every contestant vowed to be back in the running the next year.


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8 Responses to Thursday photo prompt – Spur – #writephoto

  1. Iain Kelly says:

    Not quite the stand offs they used to have in the Old West, but much more fun!

  2. A really fun blog Michael. Enjoyed reading it

  3. Prajakta says:

    Typical !! An unexpected take on the prompt 🙂

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