Bonus Wordle: Otto and Arks


This week’s challenging wordle: Thanks Mark for the challenge. Favissa (a cache of sacred objects that are no longer in use) Arkwright  (a skilled craftsman who produces wooden chests or coffers (Arks)) Crimson Corset Delve Cacophony (discordant and mixture of harsh sounds) Imp (a little devil or demon, an evil spirit, or mischievous child) Pyre Reflection Subterfuge Clandestine Flutter

Extra twisted bonus phrase “Someone is walking over my grave.”


Otto De Favissa once thought of as a pillar of the church and in himself a sacred object within the vestiges of church life but now deceased and long forgotten, was the first to hear it.

He nudged his deceased companion Nathaniel Arkwright and asked if he had heard it too? Arks nodded in agreement. It was Arks who had manufactured the coffin they were spending their eternity in, both had died together in much the same way they had spent their entire lives, so it was fitting they be buried together.

“I fear someone is walking on our grave,” uttered Otto.

No sooner had he uttered the words then there was a loud thud.

“Now someone’s jumping on our grave,” exclaimed Arks coughing as a small trail of dust seeped through the lid of the coffin.

“It’s that imp, McPherson Corset, up to his usual subterfuge just to make sure we the dead don’t get to rest peacefully.” said Otto sounding his imperious self.

“It’s hardly a cacophony, though is it?” stated Arks, “hardly likely to cause any concerns up top but if he doesn’t let up soon my heart will be all a flutter and you know Otto how much I hate my heart fluttering.”

“Don’t be silly Arks you haven’t got a heart; don’t you remember your sister received it when you passed? There was all that clandestine activity to get it to her before the hospital claimed it?”

“Oh yes, I’m reflecting now it was one of the few good and charitable things I did in my life. Though it was touch and go there for a while when they had us all ready for the pyre, and she saved herself and us from a fiery end.”

There was a silence as Otto reflected on his own past. If he was alive at that very moment, he was sure his face would have turned an unpleasant shade of crimson as he considered the self-indulgent life style he had led.

“We shouldn’t delve too much on the past Arks, we are after all in no position to do anything about it and let’s face it McPherson Corset, low life that he is, can walk, jump and run on our grave for all the good it does him. You made this coffin well Arks, though I think he suspects we took his money with us to the grave.”

At this, the two men laughed in such a way that only the dead can causing McPherson Corset, still walking on their grave, to feel very uneasy as if the very ground beneath him moved in some way.


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16 Responses to Bonus Wordle: Otto and Arks

  1. scribblersdip says:

    Ahhh Brilliant Michael 😀

    Most clever and imaginative way to deal with this challenging wordle – and bonus points to you too! I love the names – and the conversations between these two – you’ve provided just enough to leave us guessing – who are these two, how did they come to be together etc. and yet the story is just rich and full enough to get us captivated! Totally hit this one out of the park – and I suspect you had great fun writing this too 😀

    Well done and thanks for playing the wordle and rising above and beyond the challenge!

    • Michael says:

      Yes Pat, always fun and as so often with me in the middle of the night an idea comes to me….why not take walking on my grave literally..

      • scribblersdip says:

        LOL – well, we have all experienced that weird sensation and feeling, and to consider it literally is a fun release!

  2. julespaige says:

    Oh, this is a chilling thriller. I think I quite like your dead folks conversing.

  3. Lorraine says:

    You handle the dead in your story as eloquently as you do with your living or otherworldly ones.

  4. oh my, Michael! So funny…love the names! (clever way to use the words)

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