Sunday Writing Prompt #222 – When He Said It..


It was the sense of elation that she felt for after all she had done for him he had uttered the words she craved to hear:




Tonight, she had prepared him a dinner. She had asked all the right questions. Found out the secret to his stomach and he was well pleased which is why she thought he could say:




She knew there was a chance when they had sat up the whole night. As the dawn arrived, they ventured out into the back field to watch the sun poke its rays through the trees on the edge of their property. He took he hand, held it tight. She knew he would say it soon, those words she craved:



Yesterday he took on a picnic, a place above the beach he knew so well. She basked in his warmth, her body she bathed in the warmth of the day, she saw he approved of her form. They wrote their wish list and set it adrift saying in a year they would return and hopefully find the bottle they used. On her note she wrote:




Elation she thought was such a wonderful place to be. He had kissed her tonight, her mind swam in his odours, she wrapped herself in them wanting to keep them forever with her. She remembered clearly the moment for she had answered him:




Alone she reflected, her apprehension in opening herself to him, was it all a fantasy she asked herself, would he come back tomorrow? What did the words mean apart from the tingling in her bits that she wanted to experience again and again. She liked to question her actions, but tonight she wanted to enjoy them.


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3 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt #222 – When He Said It..

  1. scribblersdip says:

    Interesting piece and interpretation of the prompt Michael. 🙂

    I like the way you’ve presented this – the formatting is clever – it reinforces the ideas and emphasis of the content – and it adds to the sense of tension, the teasing anxieties, the wondering and questioning, the weights we attribute, in “importance” of our actions, ideas and thoughts – and so the ending is perfectly in tune – and it allows for us to sit and wonder, as we all do, as “humans” – not quite closure and never certain. Simple and straightforward, and yet layered – a glancing “blow” to bigger ideas ….

    Great job with the prompt – thank you for playing Michael, and I hope you have a wonderful week to come 🙂

  2. Lorraine says:

    I agree with Pat — I remember waiting to hear those words for the first time; the rush when they spill over you. You have delineated both the prompt and the experience. And, the format does reinforce that sense of the importance spiritually, sensually, emotionally, and sexually of those words and they power that they contain. Bravo.

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