Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 6 – My Strength.


What is it that makes you feel powerful? What is that strength which makes your time on this planet worthwhile?

The word powerful is not one I would use about myself as I wouldn’t think of myself in that way. There were times when as a teacher I had to wield some power in the classroom to survive what were some days an ordeal.

I tend to see myself more as a person who tries to be there in the moment, supporting others and trying to understand what it is that is going on.

An example is my attitude to my children. They are a diverse lot of people with as many ideas contrary to mine as you can imagine. But early on I decided the best way for me to be in their lives was to be there for them. Our children never do everything we might like them to but recognising them as individuals who not only reflect their respect upbringings but who also have lives of their own to live, and I have tried to be there for them through all the trials and tribulations they have suffered. And they have from marriage breakdowns to conflicts with their mother and each other they have known I am here for them when they need me.

The ‘reward’ for that, if such a thing exists, has been an ongoing relationship with each of them I wouldn’t change for anything. So, if I was to argue my strength in this world, it’s been supporting my children and their children as well as we all journey through this crazy world.


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7 Responses to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 6 – My Strength.

  1. That sounded genuinely sincere and I bet you are a great dad.

  2. Reena Saxena says:

    True! One can only be there for others, not live their life for them. We happen to be at different stages of evolution. We often confuse sympathy for empathy. Check this out, if you find time.

  3. You hit the sweet spot with this one, Michael. We can only guide, it is upto to the others to follow them or or not. Ultimately each one of us is responsible for his or her actions on this planet.
    Your words and thoughts had a ring of truth in them. Greatly enjoyed this piece, Michael.
    Do read mine if you have the time and comment. It’s a short story, slightly long but worth the read, i promise. Thanks Neel.

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