Weekend Writing Prompt #20 – Resting


The young mother takes a deep breath as the last of her three children is now asleep. She looks over them as they are resting, understanding that for them the day has been one full of activity and exercise.

Her own desire for rest is overwhelming. Her three sons are demanding and needy, and the littlest one cannot do anything without his mum at his side. They are exhausting and its normal she knows for boys 5, 4 and 3 to be that way.

But no matter what she loves them with a passion and misses them terribly when they go to their father’s.

She is unable to go to bed just yet as the kitchen needs cleaning and there is washing to be folded and put away, the eldest boy’s school uniform to be made ready and a check of the refrigerator to make sure there is food for their lunches.

She sits for a moment taking in the silence that now settles over the house. It’s in times like this that she appreciates the boys being asleep. These are precious moments when she can have time for herself, but she knows she can’t stop and dwell on it as there is work to do before she too can take to her bed.

Getting up she flicks on the music she has on her iPod, turns up the volume a little so she can immerse herself in the songs and goes to the kitchen sink where the day’s dirty dishes await her.

It’s been many months since her husband walked out on her. He’s good to the boys but she knows he’s a good time dad and try as she might most of the raising and discipline is left to her as he only sees the boys every two weeks.

Most nights she cries over her situation. She feels so very alone even though she has family around her but at times like this when she’s alone, the reality of her situation hits home to her.

She sets herself an hour to clean up and get done what she can. She knows her own rest is important if she wants to function the next day.

She prioritises what she does and when the time is up she sets the washing machine going as her boys generate a load of washing each day.

She glances briefly at the calendar on the wall and notes that this Friday they have tickets to the circus. That will be a real treat for her and the boys. They have been talking about it and are excited to go.

As she settles herself into her bed, she welcomes the restfulness the bed affords her and drifts easily into slumber.


Written for: https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2017/09/16/weekend-writing-prompt-20-resting/

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5 Responses to Weekend Writing Prompt #20 – Resting

  1. Lyn says:

    Oh boy, can I ever relate to that 😀 Having raised three children on my own from the time they were 1, 3 & 5, I understand only too well that feeling of exhaustion. I want to give the poor girl a hug and make her a cup of tea.

  2. Vivian Zems says:

    This is a moment in most of our lives. And you told it beautifully.

  3. A heartfelt piece of writing, Michael. I felt her exhaustion and her need for rest. Thanks for joining in with the Weekend Writing Prompt. Have a great weekend 🙂

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