Wordle #171- The Wordle Competition.


This week’s words: pistil [the female reproductive part of a flower. The pistil, centrally located, typically consists of a swollen base, the ovary, which contains the potential seeds, or ovules; a stalk, or style, arising from the ovary; and a pollen-receptive tip, the stigma, variously shaped and often sticky.] stamen [a stamen is a male reproductive organ of a flower. It produces the pollen. The stamen has two parts: the anther, and the stalk. The stalk is also called the filament.] arabesque skirt socket measure loop simmer granny knot [The granny knot is a binding knot, used to secure a rope or line around an object.] clutch reverse dawdle

It was the first ever international wordle competition, and from around the globe, wordlers had met to see how under competition they would fare.

The organiser Miss Pat was busily making a loop of the hall, feather duster in one hand, a stop watch in the other and around her neck and nestling happily in her abundant cleavage was her trusty dictionary and thesaurus.

Miss Pat was passionate about how the event should be conducted and at times when she uttered proclamations about rule changes and what have you she would strike the most arabesque of poses causing the attendees to clutch the table in front of them in expectation that she might at any minute topple over.

She handed out a last-minute instruction leaflet on which was written: “There is to be no smut, no innuendo, no lurid and lasciviousness in the responses.”

When the first wordle was revealed, the audience simmered for a moment as each brain in the room thought of a hundred-different lurid and lascivious things to say about ‘pistol’ and ‘stamen’.

“Sex is out?” the leader of the French team was heard to say.

“Is that all you think off?” fired back the left-handed girl on the English team. Thinking she had made the definitive statement she neatly pulled the hem of her skirt down and around the room teams muttered to themselves of the possible uses for ‘pistol’ and ‘stamen’.

The teams had ten minutes of discussion time before Miss Pat blew her whistle for the competition to begin. Teams had twenty minutes to write their responses once Miss Pat blew her whistle to signal the end there was no change to reverse anything that had been written.

There was no time to dawdle, time was of the essence, and most teams clutched at whatever thought streams they could muster to complete their task.

No time was allowed for toilet breaks, and every so often the call would go out that a ‘granny knot’ was needed on such and such a table. This brought smiles to the teams not burdened with the call of nature and was a measure of their organisation.

Miss Pat who was super organised had made sure before the event to secure each table and not allow any sabotage to occur and so had availed herself of a socket spanner to quickly come to the rescue of my team on a dodgy table.

Time flies when you are having fun, and before the teams knew it Miss Pat blew her whistle and the room erupted into an instantaneous post mortem.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/09/11/wordle-171/

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22 Responses to Wordle #171- The Wordle Competition.

  1. scribblersdip says:

    ROFLMAO – okay okay, Uncle! Uncle! Seriously???

    Well done and Bravo Michael! You’re a real creative pistil – or pistol – as you wish 😉

    Ahem, I do feel I should point out a few inaccuracies here though, – abundant cleavage? that is up for dispute and perhaps of somewhat smutty review, because it is neither smallish, nor large-ish, but rather of medium dispensation, enough to still cause a sensation, if I decide to flaunt the “girls” as it were 😉

    “There is to be no smut, no innuendo, no lurid and lasciviousness in the responses.”

    Now seriously, does this even remotely sound like me???? Talk about taking liberties!

    Ah well, the creative mind will romp into all kinds of wild and dodgy territories, but that is more than acceptable!
    Well done word play – I’m telling you Michael, words are better than foreplay, so aren’t you now completely satisfied after playing this week’s wordle? LOL – thanks for a most unusual and wonderful contribution!

    • Michael says:

      I read a blog this morning about truth in blogging and hold to the notion of why allow the truth to stand in the way of a good yarn. When I was at Uni many years ago doing some English Lit an old lady stood up in the lecture room one day and wanted to know why we studied so many books that contained sex in them and why couldn’t we study a ‘good’ book. To which the lecturer asked her to name one…

      • scribblersdip says:

        LOL@naming a good book! now that is a perfect line … so what was the woman’s reaction/response ….. Jeeves and Wooster, don’t leave me hanging!

        Good yarn spinning is always allowed to take liberties …. 😀

      • Michael says:

        I think she mentioned Anne of Green Gables or something like that…..it was a long time ago and this came after we studied Lady Chatterley’s Lover…..I think your comment about words being better than foreplay is a very feminist approach, males tend to be more hands on you might say….

      • scribblersdip says:

        *snorting* – well, never underestimate the seductive power of a good vocabulary – it can open the doors to hands on like a wildfire 😜😈👅

        LOL – oh dear, she exclaims with a slightly tittering voice, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, well well well ….. please, forgive me my lost innocence! LOL – well, I suppose, to be fair, some, given the times, might consider it a bit racy, but hey, as they say, different strokes for different folks, ahem …. I suppose, she should have said “wholesome” as opposed to “good” – and studying in English Lit?! Harrumph – poor command of language: D-

      • Michael says:

        I haven’t read the other wordle entries as yet so I’m keen to see how they handle, as it were the ‘pistil’ and the ‘stamen’.

      • scribblersdip says:

        generally, the wordle has been slow today, but there is a mixed treat awaiting you – both through Mr. Linky and on pingbacks – some are listed on one but not the other etc. Some more traditional uses and some, rather fascinating. 🙂 I’ve rather enjoyed them.

      • Michael says:

        Well yes I’ve been and had a look as always we do get variety don’t we….

      • scribblersdip says:

        variety is the spice of life 😀

      • Michael says:

        just as a pistil and stamen would want it…

      • scribblersdip says:

        absolutely! great answer, you’re on your game today 😉

      • Michael says:

        Well you know what they say about an idle mind…

      • scribblersdip says:


  2. OH my gosh what a fun take on the wordle! AND what ample cleavage indeed to hold a dictionary and a thesaurus!!! 😀 LOL

  3. julespaige says:

    I enjoyed this turn of event phraseology! As I started to read I thought,…did I not read the rules… well we all know how truth is stranger than fiction.
    Thanks for stopping by my Septolet series. If you Google the word it does come up as a form. And I can’t remember the first time I heard it. But another Blogger friend explained the simplistic rules.
    And well I did keep my verse ‘clean’ 😉

  4. To use the wordle words to write around itself can be quite tricky. But it was brilliantly done, Michael!


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