Photo Challenge #180 – Darcy Longbottom


Darcy Longbottom was a jokester

A clown, a manipulator and he loved cards.

He would play cards all day

From both sides of the deck, he was adept.

He’d tell you flat and to your face

That his name was where he came from

A valley long and steeped in family history

Where many a Longbottom had been made.

His brothers were like him

Sharp and always on the prowl

There was a mug born every minute they’d say

And it was up to them to take advantage.

And they did, tricking many from their savings

Saying one thing and meaning another

Promising to give but in reality, they took.

Darcy played his community

Made fools of the wealthy

And made the wealthy made his foolishness

A lifestyle he benefitted from.

Then he met the beautiful Lucy

A girl his mistook as another victim

But she saw through his guises

Cornered him when discovering

He was not a man of honesty

Though Darcy was surprised he was found out

He liked that it was Lucy who sat him aback.

Something he’d never known stirred inside of him

And Lucy was behind it all.

Darcy changed his ways, paid back on his sins

Embraced an ordinary life, paid his dues

Married the beautiful Lucy

Became a pillar of society.

Lucy kept his clownishness in a prominent place

Reminding Darcy of his past

Where once he was a clown and a trickster

Now a husband and family man and dealt straight up.


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6 Responses to Photo Challenge #180 – Darcy Longbottom

  1. Excellent Michael. I love your perspective.

  2. scribblersdip says:

    Made fools of the wealthy
    And made the wealthy made his foolishness

    brilliant lines Michael – and wonderful story – light and full of court jesting, with an interesting turn around 🙂

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