Sunday Writing Prompt #219: September 10, 2017 – The Crone and the Girl


When the wedding was announced the couple, made their announcement and surprised everyone concerned.

The crone and the young girl stood side by side, they appeared as any expectant couple devoted to each other and united by a garland of flowers symbolising their undying love for each other.

That the crone had cast a spell over the young girl would not be known for some time. The young girl who up until recent times had worked in the crone’s dairy was heard to say the link the between the two women was as strong as she could ever imagine.

But it was found later in the crone’s dungeon the old doll, crudely made and whose distorted face represented the perverse nature of the crone who was determined to find love even if she had to lie and cheat to achieve it.

For crone had relied on her book of “All Things Time”. Within the book lay the secrets to deceiving time and those who looked into the nature of time by making appear the most unlikely as something at least possible.

The crone had long studied the text and knew that if you placed herself at the right moment in time, she could cast a spell upon the young girl and claim her as her own.

It had worked perfectly, and the whirlwind courtship had been the talk of the town. Many remarked how unlikely was the obvious attraction the two women showed to each other.

They questioned the young girl’s motives and the crone’s possible manipulation, but all concluded that love could be blind sometimes and this was one such occasion.

The crone was a lover of cats and was known to keep several within her home which meant on many an occasion her house smelling highly of cat which to many was as offensive an odour as the relationship between the two.

Nevertheless, the crone doted over the young girl and over time was able to orchestrate the girl’s behaviour into the space of the crone.


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3 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt #219: September 10, 2017 – The Crone and the Girl

  1. weejars says:

    I really like how you incorpated the images…I struggled to do that this week and used the poem more as my basis 🙂 well done. An enjoyable tale

  2. scribblersdip says:

    Another fascinating story Michael 🙂 How you weave such inventive tales and spin such intriguing ideas. I really like how you’ve interpreted the prompt. A fascinating tale of self – manipulation, deception and yet, perhaps, there is some truth within the pages. Great idea of the book of time – how wonderful!

    thanks for playing the prompt Michael – I like you’re reading of the images 🙂

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