September 7: Flash Fiction Challenge – On the Go.


September 7, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a busy character. It could be a busy beaver, gnawing birch trees endlessly or an executive on the go. Go where the prompt leads.

She was too busy for idle chit chat. It was go, go all day. Those around her found her exhausting as she never stopped, preferring to get the job done as she’d say to them.

Her head down bum up attitude gave no room for getting to know her. She nodded in acquaintance to her co-workers, she ate alone and never took her full dinnertime.

She found it hard at Christmas when they did stop to celebrate as she had no connections to anyone.

It came as no surprise to anyone that she had no one at home either.


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23 Responses to September 7: Flash Fiction Challenge – On the Go.

  1. Reena Saxena says:

    Hmmm…. Busy being linked to loneliness …..

  2. Charli Mills says:

    Although sad, great flash. I often wonder why we get so busy? The greatest times are when we show down with others.

  3. I knew someone just like this.

  4. Norah says:

    Sometimes being busy is the only way to fill the emptiness that gnaws away inside. Great flash.

  5. cam8510 says:

    Busyness in place of people? How sad. Well written.

  6. getting busy to escape from being lonely but how long? Many people do this.

  7. susanzutautas says:

    So sad that she was too busy that she missed out on socialization.

  8. “Her head down bum up attitude”
    That says it all!

  9. Sad, indeed. Yet relatable… I think we all know someone like this. That fill their time with things instead of people, be it work or play to fill the void.

  10. I like this Michael. I think it is very true. There are a lot of successful people out there who have nothing but their careers in their lives.

  11. That is so sad but unfortunately true for some. Some people use busyness to hide social inadequacy and apart from those social occasions like Christmas it makes them feel a part of things in a way they can cope with.

  12. Deborah Lee says:

    So sad, to feel so isolated. But I bet she’s scared to death to try anything else.

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