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Today’s prompt is:  Your favourite season of the year and why.

Spring is always my favourite season. It is the end of winter with cool nights and warm and sunny days.

Spring is when you pay attention to your garden and plant the summer crops, and for me this year it will be tomatoes.

Many trees awaken from their winter hiatus and blossom, always a pretty sight, and we see new growth appearing on most plants. My black rose is one that benefits from spring, and I always enjoy seeing the first of its buds appear.

So, I put away my winter clothes and embrace the wearing of shorts and short sleeves for as every warm-blooded male knows spring is the time when young men’s hearts turn to thoughts of love.


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4 Responses to TELL ME A TALE IN 120 WORDS – Spring

  1. floridaborne says:

    Beautifully said in 120 words. It almost makes me wish for spring, but I’ll settle on seeing pictures of you black rose. 🙂

  2. Well Autumn is my favorite… the briskness and slight chill in the air the bounty of colors, the crackle of leaves underfoot….

    BUT yay for fresh garden tomatoes! Nothing like them, so superior to the ones you get at the grocery. Oh and you have black roses???!! How cool. Any photos?

    • Michael says:

      If you go into google images and ask to see black roses there are heaps there…they aren’t black as in night but often very dark red with black tips on some of them….as I have not long pruned mine its in a regrowth stage but will flower sooner rather than later..

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