Wordle #170 – Sibling Rivalry


This week’s word/phrases: raspberry jam toast  firing squad  sibling rivalry goldfish (the animal) Starlight rock opera (i.e. the rock band Queen, The Who or Meatloaf composed songs that had elements of story-telling in the tradition of opera – use this as your point of inspiration to get a feeling for the idea) Dungeon Compose Dealings  clamour (n. or v.) Dawn smelter

It had become a tradition within the kingdom to hold an annual rock opera competition between the brother and sister Prince and Princess. The idea had been spawned one Sunday night as they both fought for the raspberry jam to cover the toast they were making against the coals of the fuel stove. Raspberry jam toast was a family favourite, and during the melee that occurred, they made the challenge to each other.

Such was their sibling rivalry that the Princess had named her band Sibling Rivalry and had taken them to the deepest dungeon in the castle and there to compose with them their entry in this year’s challenge.

Her brother had his band, Firing Squad, also in a dungeon but well away from his sister. The bands were each populated by long haired degenerates whose only interest in anything but music was negligible.

The Princess had decided that her rock opera would be called Goldfish, about a lost child who spent her life wandering aimlessly through a forest and as such was prone to spend her days dealing with the same thing over and over. After a while, she developed a means of seeing the new and positive in the things she saw over and over. The Princess took a real goldfish down into the dungeon to watch its movements in assisting them in composing music that reflected its movements.

The Prince was working on a rock opera called Starlight, about a boy who dreamed of the stars and one night his wishes are granted when his fairy godmother allows him to fly through the heavens.

The deadline for each group was the following dawn, and so both groups worked through the night to come up with their compositions.

To an outsider, the clamour that came from the dungeons was a sound sure to raise your blood pressure. No effort was spared, every chord and note exacting the tone and nuance required.

Each lyric was as if extracted from a fine smelter such was their dedication to their respective tasks. In moments of doubt, when it felt the process had been smeltered and all hope was going down the toilet one band member would have an idea that set the smelters of their minds back on track.

As dawn approached the clamour of the previous hours was replaced by the melodic sounds of chords making sense, lyrics that clearly told their respective tales and singers confident they were smeltered no more.

As the morning sun appeared so did plates of raspberry jam toast to be enjoyed by one and all as they looked forward to the concert later that night.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/wordle-170/

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6 Responses to Wordle #170 – Sibling Rivalry

  1. weejars says:

    Love this Michael! So clever!

  2. scribblersdip says:

    Bravo Michael – well done!
    You’ve played with this in such a wonderfully delightful way 🙂 I’m impressed! Of course, your wild and creative imagination sparks such ideas and you have the good sense to follow where it will, so this makes for enjoyable reading in your space!

    I like how you’ve incorporated the “word phrases” – weaving them so adeptly into the tale, and you’ve earned the bonus points, for playing with the word smelter so well. I like the hints and suggestions of its meaning – adds another fiery dimension to the story, and yet also adds to the muddled confusion of the clamour in creating the musical scores! Well done! And thank you playing this week’s wordle 🙂

  3. OH my the many was you used smelter had me smeltering!

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