First Line Friday -September 1st 2017 – Sahi’s Plan


Our first line this week: When Sahi returned to The Ridge there was nothing left but charred wood jutting from the snow. 

“This isn’t right.” He was heard to say. As he looked around, there was nothing but bewilderment spread across his face.

The Ridge was a place where tropical plants grew in abundance. The trees were resplendent with the riotous colour of birds. All was silent save for the patter of falling snow.

Snow wasn’t something you’d expect to see at The Ridge. The more immediate issue was the snow and the change in the weather.

Beside Sahi was his right-hand man, Hollings, a small and bald man, dressed as it turned out in the most inappropriate way possible in shorts and singlet.

Both men had been in the resort gym doing their usual Friday workout and hadn’t noticed the weather take a turn for the worst.

“How far Hollings, is K-Mart?” asked Sahi beginning to shiver.

“A good hour from here Sir,” replied Hollings whose teeth were by now beginning to chatter uncontrollably.

“We need to get there sooner rather than later.”

“Why Sir?”

“We need to buy ourselves a warm coat or two.”

“Ah, good thinking Sir, I’ll go get the car.”


Once in the car, Sahi began to postulate about the situation.

“Its climate change Hollings. You can see it happening around you.”

“You can Sir?”

“Of course, you can, and I’ve seen it all before.”

“You have?”

“Yes. 30,000 years ago. Same thing happened. One day there were beaches with rolling surf and palm trees, the next we were knee deep in it, and there was no K-Mart then I can assure you.”

Hollings not being the sharpest tack in the box stopped at this point to digest what Sahi had just said. Had he heard it right?

“Are you saying you were alive 30,000 years ago Sir?”

“Yes, I am, and a bloody tough time we had of it. Snow and ice everywhere, no food, no water, cold enough to freeze your balls off and no hope of survival. Everywhere you turned it was white, the oceans turned to ice, the ice then hardened, people starved and the animals froze. Mess everywhere.”

“Then how did you survive?”

“Same way I intend to survive now Hollings. I have a plan, you have to have a plan and as I’ve seen all this before I know just the ticket to get us out of this mess.”

“And what might that be Sir?”

“When we get back Hollings, when we have our warm winter woollies, I want you to get from the charred wood jutting out of the snow any piece of wood that still has a spark within it. Do you hear me, Hollings?”

“Yes Sir, find a spark in the charred wood jutting out of the snow. What if there isn’t a spark there then?”

“Then Hollings you will feel the cold creep up your legs, they and your feet will go numb, and your torso and other bits will then lose feeling. You will find death a disappointment as it will arrive long before you desire it to. I won’t bother burying you as there is no way I can dig a hole for you nor cremate your remains so in a thousand years or so when the ice once again melts some explorer will find your body and make a name for himself claiming he has found the missing link.”

“And what of you Sir?”

“Oh, I’ll be fine Hollings, just behind you where the charred wood juts from the snow there is a portal to take me into another dimension where the grass grows on trees and the leaves from the ground. A fascinating place, I know you’d like it Hollings, but there is only room for one body through the portal. Now get over there find a spark for me or its curtains for you.”

“Yes Sir, immediately sir,” replied Hollings hoping against all hope that a spark might just remain.


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13 Responses to First Line Friday -September 1st 2017 – Sahi’s Plan

  1. Lyn says:

    Oh this so needs to be continued, Michael 😀

  2. MC Clark says:

    Your mind takes mysterious turns at times, Micheal, and I like the turn it took here. That other dimension sounds interesting…I’d like to see grass grow on trees and leaves on the ground. 🙂

  3. scribblersdip says:

    Intriguing and wonderful – definitely not predictable in your writing 🙂 And this is good – such creativity! Love the whole portal dimension thing. Great take on the line!

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Pat, portal’s come in handy from time to time..

      • scribblersdip says:

        LOL – they sure do, I’m thinking I might slip myself silly sideways for a quick trip to “elsewhere” – which is actually retrieving the bedding from the dryer – how dreadfully boring!

      • Michael says:

        Down here my washing was dry in no time today, warm and sunny blowing a gale…

      • scribblersdip says:

        well, that’s a winter’s ending creeping into spring then – whereas here, it was cool and rainy, but nothing too heavy – but just enough to make it a stay in and snuggle up day – as for the bedding? damn dog peed on purpose – upset about something, she’s feeling a bit off the last few days, so really, more of a hassle than her fault and all ….

      • Michael says:

        I’m dog sitting at present…my eldest son’s little white fluff ball dog called Ted who is asleep under my desk at the moment..he likes my youngest son the most as he lets him sleep on his bed….

      • scribblersdip says:

        LOL- white fluff ball eh? sounds like a character … and I can understand the affection for one willing to allow human bedding down time! I often have to rearrange myself around my two girls, then throw on the cat? I sleep like a pretzel!
        Happy dog sitting – Ted – that sounds like an cool name for a white fluff ball dog 😉

      • Michael says:

        We tolerate each other. He knows his place.

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