Tale Weaver/ Fairy Tale – #135 – August 31st – Princess Charming – Annie


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Everything was going along just fine until the day Prince Charming fell and broke his leg. They said it would be a good six weeks before he could get back to his Prince Charming duties and in the meantime, his sister Annie, Princess Charming, would be standing in for him.

This came as a complete surprise to Annie who never had any inclination to go out and get her hands dirty rescuing maidens in distress or fighting off dragons.

After all, she had a reputation of constant idleness to protect and her nails needed manicuring every day so any suggestion she might sit astride the family stallion and answer the call to rescue or perform something heroic was out of the question.

For the first week, there was nothing for her to be bothered about. Every damsel was happy, and even the dragons were behaving themselves.

In the second week, word came that Peter Peters the Pumpkin Picker was being held hostage by the wicked witch of the North, one Dolores Gotchainmygrip.

Dolores had no truck with tradition, and it appeared Peter Peters had been short changing Dolores by selling her undersized pumpkins and charging full price.

Dolores had made up a resin potion, and Peter Peters was now encased within it, and there was no reconciliation between the two, likely to occur.

If there was one thing that Annie disliked it was witches. To Annie, they were foul smelling, obnoxious in attitude, rude and disagreeable.

Community pressure came to bear, and Annie donned her Princess Charming outfit, and she did look stunning in lycra everybody did say.

The horse ride she knew would create chaffing between her legs, and heavens only knew when that might clear up and so she calculated her social life might be on hold for several days if not a week by the time she recovered. The blacksmith’s son would just have to wait.

The one thing the Charming household possessed that assisted them with every encounter was the magic sword of Charm. This was a mighty sword, and Annie could barely lift it let alone swing.

It was fitted onto the side of her saddle and as she rode along all who knew of the sword would mutter behind their hands in admiration of the Charming family.

When Annie reached Peter Peters, he was not looking so well. The resin was contracting, and his breathing was beginning to be affected.

Annie looked him over wondering why this scrawny little man had gone to so much trouble to inconvenience her in this way.

Behind her came the cackling voice of Dolores Gotchainmygrip. Unfortunately for Dolores, her voice did little for you other than infuriate you further having ridden so far and now in considerable discomfort with your bottom beginning to glow from the chaffing and your understanding of Dolores’ point of view being tested by the second.

“Let him go,” declared Annie, “if you refuse I shall draw the sword of Charm and what happens then will all be on you.”

“You don’t frighten me, little girl, go ahead and do your worst,” challenged the old crone.

And Annie did. As much to her own amazement as everyone else’s. One moment her eyes were focused on the witch, the next her hand reached for the sword, and she swung it with the skill of well-trained magic swordswoman.

Dolores taken by surprise reeled back in horror as the sword severed her left arm. As it did so the resin potion crumbled its hold over Peter Peters. He fell to the floor gasping and sucking in the air around him.

Annie replaced the sword with the ease of a seasoned warrior and ordered the old witch to take her arm and go home. She then turned to Peter Peters and suggested he compensate Dolores for the short changing that had been going on.

She rested her hand on the sword awaiting his reply.

When it came in the affirmative, she turned her horse and headed for home where she intended to ask the village witch, Potions Pansy, for a sure-fire cure for horseback rash.

Along with that, she needed a manicure urgently along with an explanation from her brother as to how she was able to swing the sword as she had done.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/08/31/tale-weaver-fairy-tale-135-august-31st-princess-charming/

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8 Responses to Tale Weaver/ Fairy Tale – #135 – August 31st – Princess Charming – Annie

  1. Mara Eastern says:

    What, what, how can Prince Charming break his leg?! He’s unbreakable and immortal! 😀

    • Michael says:

      Well you see Charming (PC) was on his way to the bathroom early in the morning after a big night with Dulcie Bumchew the scullery maids daughter, when he stepped on a discarded hair roller left there by Annie (PsC). As a result he went head first down the stairs, rolled twice, banged his head and landed in a heap at the bottom. One broken leg. Could happen to anyone.
      The question now is will PsC relinquish the Charm now she sees she can wield it with as much precision as anyone.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Well done! It was a smiler, and a laugh-out-louder; I enjoyed your take on Princess Charming!

  3. scribblersdip says:

    The blacksmith’s son would just have to wait. —–

    ROFLMAO — okay, seriously, you so got me with this casual but pertinent and snooty in attitude line!
    where she intended to ask the village witch, Potions Pansy, for a sure-fire cure for horseback rash.

    oh hell, Michael, you’re sense of the playful and wildly odd has be crying with laughter – thank you so much – how delightful a tale!

    and yes, there is so much potential for this new character …. holy smokes! LOL …. great job!

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