Writing Prompt #217 “Stories by 5” – Usher and Undine – A Walk In The Forest


Topic: A Walk in the Forest

Names: Usher & Undine

Fruit: Apple

Colour: Ebony

Sensation: Tingle

Usher had waited a long time before working up the courage to ask Undine to walk with him. Today was perfect as it was warm and sunny and if they made good time, they might make it to the apple grove where the most succulent of fruit could be found.

They set off and at first Usher was nervous as he knew Undine was the most beautiful girl in the village and that she had agreed to this assignation was beyond his wildest dreams.

Undine for her part had always looked at Usher in wonder. For a white boy, he was not like the other white boys who were brash and ever wanting to assert their superiority over the coloured girls in particular, as if they were mere playthings. Undine would never have a bar of their overtures and spurned their every request.

But Usher was different, she’d jumped at the chance to spent time with him and enjoyed being with him as they walked along. She chatted away to him, and in turn, Usher began to feel more and more relaxed.

When they reached the apple grove, they found the fruit was in season and so helped themselves to the succulent tastes each apple afforded them.

Having their fill, Undine took a moment to thank Usher for the lovely day she was having. She reached up and stroked his cheek giving him rise to a blush that was more than apparent.

He returned the gesture, and his hand gently caressed Undine’s ebony velvet skin, and in that second they both felt the alluring tingle of their touches.

That afternoon Usher and Undine explored and enjoyed.

They were silent as they walked back to the village, this time holding hands, their minds awash with the sensations of the afternoon, their bits tingling from the gentle and loving attention of the other.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/08/27/writing-prompt-217-stories-by-5/

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