SoCS Aug. 26/17 – When


When it’s time, I’ll come out, and all will be revealed.

When I do, you won’t have to worry as you won’t be implicated.

When the day arrives, it will be all understated, just a few words saying well here I am, and there are you. I’ve missed you but its time, and we’ll laugh about the great times we had and then think of ways to resurrect what fun we had, all those years ago.

When you read what I’m all about you’ll say once you stop laughing that it was all a matter of words and words can be bent and re-shaped and then recycled into any meaning you want.

When you finish with me, you’ll not regret a single day other than the pain the tyranny of distance brings to us.

When at the appointed time you stand beside me, hopefully, I’ll be still standing but never the less there’s a chance I won’t as time as a way of deciding when enough is enough.

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9 Responses to SoCS Aug. 26/17 – When

  1. Jael Sook says:

    Wow, the last bit says it all.

  2. JoAnna says:

    I felt the anticipation building, then hope. Good wishes to you, Michael.

  3. LOVE this line, “…words can be bent and re-shaped and then recycled into any meaning you want.”

  4. Reena Saxena says:

    I like the last line. Reminded me of Ayn Rand’s ‘We The Living’, where the couple says ‘If we live, and if we want to meet again’.

  5. LindaGHill says:

    Time certainly does have her way with us, whether we like it or not. … usually not. 😛

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