Saturday’s Mix–12 August 2017 – The Fairy Harvest Festival

This week’s task: our best writing about a garden.


The garden was looking the best it had for quite some time. Rain helped.

Rain was my next-door neighbour and a great help in my garden. She fussed around the pots, she encouraged the shoots on every shrub and was a magician when it came to propagating.

What Rain didn’t know, and I did was that within each structure of the garden was a small microcosm of life.

These microcosms were the fairy inhabitants of each section.

My favourites were the fern fairies for no other reason than they complemented the ferns in the most amazing of ways.

Ferns, as you know, are delicate structures. They can break easily if not handled and cared for with love and affection.

So too the fern fairies. Their social structure reflected the condition of their world. If all was flourishing then so were they, if things were tough, the ferns brittle so were their systems.

When in flourishing times it was exciting to be around them. The thing was you just had to know when to look and how to look.

The fern fairy harvest festival I had been fortunate to attend. They gathered under the fronds of the bird’s nest fern and celebrated long into the night the highlight always being the dance of the maiden hair fairies, tiny, delicate creatures whose dance was mesmerising and held all who paid attention in their thrall.

Maiden hair fairies had the ability to grab your attention, it wasn’t just their dance, their spellbinding movements and the sheer grace of them dancing in unison but if they looked at you and held your focus you were caught up in more ways than you might imagine. It was as if they got into your head, and when it happened, you could never think of a better place to be.

Tonight, there was to be a fairy harvest festival, I knew where it was to be held, I also knew the secret to attending. Being fairy-like, had a lot to recommend itself.


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4 Responses to Saturday’s Mix–12 August 2017 – The Fairy Harvest Festival

  1. I’d like to believe there are fairies at the bottom of all our gardens 🙂

  2. kim881 says:

    Delightful – I’ll read this to the gnome that sleeps under our willow tree!

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