Manic Monday #6 Challenge – In The Mood


Are you in the mood?

No, I feel like crap.

Shame I find you very attractive right now.

You’re an idiot. I feel terrible. My nose is running. I’m coughing incessantly, my stomach muscles are so sore, I’ve a headache, and if you stand there too long, I’ll hack up guck all over you.

That’s not very pleasant.

It’s how it is, and I’m sorry for being such a grump. Put up with it.

But it’s unfair. I’m all, you know, horny and you’re all, you know, not!

Just my luck. You’re never in the mood when I am, and when you finally come around, I’m a bear with a sore head.

But a very cute bear.

Piss off.

And my bear.


I could make you some chicken soup?

Would you?

Of course. You just lay back there on the lounge and watch some more Friday Night Lights. I’ll get cracking in the kitchen.

Thank you.

You sure this illness isn’t the result of that show? It does get a bit depressing.

I’m into football and teenage angst. It distracts me from my aches and pains.

Ok honey pie. Chicken soup coming up.

Hey, babe, how much of a mood are you really in?

Oh, a mood. Enough to get your bits going.

Damn. Now, where is the remote?



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10 Responses to Manic Monday #6 Challenge – In The Mood

  1. This made me laugh. I read it in two voices male and female. That was fun. I hope he recovers quickly from his hacking cough.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Hope you found the box of Kleenex and the remote.

  3. Sandi says:

    I could totally see/hear that conversation between two people. And Friday Nigh Lights…marathon Netflix!

  4. Mara Eastern says:

    This sounds very life-like! For some reasons, it amused me, though it’s probably not funny… Your writings always surprise me with their wit and unexpected twists.

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