First Line Friday -August 4th 2017


This week’s first line:

Dinah worked whatever job paid the rent, careers were reserved for kids from the suburbs. Necessity was a matter of getting what you could. With the rent paid she could live a little. Just a little you mind. It was easy to go overboard and then scrimp the rest of the week until pay day.

She would have loved a career in hospitality, but that would have meant several years of study, no income and nowhere to live. She’d left school at fifteen, her parents needed her to work as their paltry jobs left them nothing after rent and bills were covered.

So since fifteen, she’d worked wherever there was a start for her. In the cafes, the shoe factory around the corner from her house, the shopping centre was always looking for cleaners, and she’d even tried her hand at the call centre.

Today she was working at the high school, the early shift that meant getting up by 5.00am, catching the bus to the train station and then the twenty-minute walk from the station to the school. It was regular work if not totally menial, but it paid the rent.


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3 Responses to First Line Friday -August 4th 2017

  1. Jael Sook says:

    I admire people like her.

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