Love Your Writing

Well worth reading as it says so much about what our attitude to writing should be.

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I have a confession to make: I like the stories I’ve written; the short stories for my current project, my random drabbles, the novel I’m working on, pieces I’ve written for writing challenges. I find myself smiling, laughing, feeling giddy, content, and sad when reading them. I enjoy reading them.

Do I think they’re perfect and don’t need any more work?

Absolutely not.

Just because they’re not perfect, just because they could do with more editing, more revising, more work, doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy them, or that I should hate them. I’ve noticed that there’s a trend of always hating what you’ve written, never being content with it, and never admitting to liking your own work. Why is this? It doesn’t make any sense to me not to love your own work – it’s yours, you created it all by yourself. It is the product of your…

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5 Responses to Love Your Writing

  1. scribblersdip says:

    interesting reading – but I think it depends – on lots of things – are you a writer? A true heart/spirit writer – it’s your absolute passion, soul calling? are you a “wrogger”? a person who likes to write whatever (poetry, flash, longer stories, op eds. etc.) and blogs it?

    there is a distinction – I believe – and I’m not saying I’m “correct” – but for me – there is a HUGE distinction –

    and really, it should boil down to this: perspective and understanding, of craft – and permission to write “Crap” – and here’s a key thing – learning to not be self-critical and demeaning about what you’ve done – it’s a process – a true process – to craft stories, poems, whatever – hell, this applies to anything in life, really – whether it’s learning a new skill, or trying out a new possible hobby – everything is a process – and it takes time, dedication, practice and determination –

    but then – I think each person has to understand why they are writing – and whether they are dramatically egotistical and attention whores – because constantly being self-deprecating is a “feed back” ploy –

    but the one thing that the original post held that is important, for sure? you should offer no excuses or apologizes for enjoying your process, whatever it means to you – or anyone else who chooses to engage – even if something isn’t “perfect or finished and polished” –

    • Michael says:

      Those are really good points to make Pat….I think maybe I am a “wrogger’? At present I am writing for 60s site here in Australia, they are post on FB and have invited folk to write on a whole range of topics. Here is a link to one you might get a giggle from:

      For me I find I go thrpough the same conflicts, one being is what I write of any interest or use to anyone or am I being self indulgent…I wrestsle with this everytime. At present I’m writing a piece on Education, having spent all my working life in its clutches. I’m finding i have my own thoughts on education and what it’s about and I wonder if they are just mine or anyone elses. But as you say and was pointed out to me once, what we write should be ours and if people want to read it and comment then so be it….the piece I shared above did recieve a lot of comment and I have to say i learned a bit as well…..
      Thanks so much for reading this and your comment.

      • scribblersdip says:

        well Michael – LOL – I consider myself both a writer and a wrogger – so I think the “conflicts” do cross over; unless one is a completely pompous arrogant totally self-absorbed person, then it’s normal to have doubts, and concerns. And like most things, our personal reactions to our own works and creations can fluctuate too. But part of understanding your creative process means knowing that you can have a diversity of “voices” and interests within the broader scope or umbrella of “writing” – so, blog pieces aren’t necessarily the same as what you do for the other platform. And the style and content won’t necessarily be the same. Op ed pieces are different altogether, just as journalism and reporting is different, and let’s say research or thesis type papers are different etc. And then, lines get blurred and there is cross-over – unless you’re studying at Uni.

        So, a good piece of writing? Well, that depends on why you’re doing it – strictly for self (although readers are wonderful) or whether to engage with people, like writing on your over 60 platform – and that, offers the potential for discussion and interaction in a different way. And I have to say – cheeky piece that – but wonderful too – honest, open, and the poem – hahaha – (not in a funny laughing at you way) but Brilliant! Tone, style, flow, movement etc. You should let loose more often and write from the heart (although I think you do, but clearly, what differentiates this from most other things you present? well, it’s more personal – but thats’s entirely up to each one to decide the “whys” and therefore, the “how and content”.

        So at the end of the day, or the beginning? Just keep doing it – because it pleases you – because you want to engage and interact – because it makes you smile and laugh, because it keeps your brain playing and active and capable. You do it for you – and that’s more than enough 😀

      • Michael says:

        I agree Pat, your last line sums it all up. If you don’t do it for yourself you are forever I think going to be disappointed. Thanks for that wonderful comment. What one considers a good piece of writing the next person may question. As far as the 60s site goes if anything I write generates discussion and comment then I think my work is done. Though I did find the comment on my piece I shared with you: “I don’t think this guy will be out next Poet Laurette” the funniest comment of all.

      • scribblersdip says:

        You’re entirely right Michael – if you don’t don’t it – whatever the “it” is, that keeps tugging at you, then you will end up feeling disappointed and frustrated etc. I’ve been there too – in high denial – and it’s not a great feeling or head space, so yes, do it for you is a great motto 🙂

        Funny, I didn’t see that particular comment – about not being the next PL – but hey, so what? but then, stranger things have happened! LOL – Have a wonderful weekend Michael 🙂

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